Team Artail



It was fun while it lasted, and I even left the site up well beyond the time I decided I wasn't going to be working on it anymore. But with already changing hosts once to keep the site up, and now the need to change hosts again, I really find myself not wanting to deal with the whole process once more. So I think it's time to call it a day and accept the fact that Team Artail is simply no more.

In all fairness I did say in December of 2009 to save anything on the site you had any interest in saving, and that the site would at some point eventually turn into a page like this parked on the domain!

If you're interested in exploring any old copies of the site, I recommend using The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to enter in either, or for the oldest archived copies of the site,

If I can find hosting for them, I may link a few simple archive files here for downloading all the Sonic X screenshots, or oekaki pictures, and whatnot. But the pages won't be coming back I'm afraid, sorry!


If you were one of the few with an email account on, you can still access and use it as normal with the same login link as always.  That won't be going away as it is hosted entirely by Google:


And of course, I'll leave a little bit of contact information here should anyone wish to contact me for any reason or see what I'm up to at all nowadays:

Twitter: Artie_P

It's been fun, and thanks everyone for your viewership and support over the years!

- Artie
31 August, 2013


Update 8 September 2013

Below I have added some zip files containing some of the content from the site for easy download. They're hosted on, so hopefully the files remain available for everyone to download.